Question naïve sur le fil dailymotion d’une vidéo Disney doublée en Français


Why do most foreign dubbs always suck.. ?


Well.. I’m not sure. Though, I’ll take the risk to answer you as far as my country is concerned.

.. Maybe because there’s no Actor’s Studio in France, no strong minds seeking strong potencials needing help to grow up, but a parisianish greedy web of dumby-dumbo friends/sexmates&grand-children of dead stars, and our actors suck ? :)


Did you know most French people didn’t live in Paris and, as a matter of fact, weren’t like most Parisian citizen are : vain, in love with their own mentals desorders, and deeply superficial ? All today’s french celebrities belong to this overrated « gotha » of upside-down moral and esthetic values. Because of them all french people are mocked by Anglo-Saxon people as if we were nothing more than something like a bunch of degenerated Newyorkish (but loosy, dirty and weak) hipsters. Some of French people (like myself actually) live in Paris but emigrate from what is contemptuously called there « la province » – which means the countryside and little towns, in fact -, and these people are just not the same. The only way to explain it is that we – provicials people – still belong to some place on earth, still identify with some piece of ground linked to historical/ethnic/familial inheritance. This matter of fact make us at once more humble, and more concerned by the price/the sense of life. ..Whereas most parisian people are convinced actually – they clearly and often express it –  beeing French or beeing French-rooted doesn’t mean anything anymore ! – In their twisted mind, France is supposed to be a place where different kind of ethnies are mixing since millenaries, therefore it forbids them to refer to a national identity ! [Even if such a faith makes them feel « citizen of the world » in their way, their point of view is a kind of a pretty racist one, don’t you think so ?]

I’m convinced most anglo-saxon people who despise French people, are just not informed of what this country really is. Behind her rose-ludicrous-perverse-glossy-fake reputation, it’s everything but a shining star. Telly, movies, newspaper only tell you about a glittering Paris which even doesn’t really exists anymore – Paris is a shamefully grey, not amusing city, full of deeply desperate, dangerously serious,  ashamed-to-be-poor ascetic too-much-reading/too-less-living people, actually. And nothing  filters anymore for the rest of the world through such a thick painted wall of shame and schizophenic self-hate we built around us, so that we make other people hate us back in answer.

..I think it’s a pity we don’t try anymore to tell the world about some antic ground-bounced old rational cold ethic of ours and take a little more pride of it. Because it may be, paradoxally – even if delusion doesn’t seem to be fashionnable today because it is known to fragilize individuals’ mind and will to live –  our major human strength.


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